Please, Don’t “Save” For Retirement!

Lemmings Will Never Be Financially Independent!

Most books about personal finances repeat the same mantra: “max out your retirement accounts every year, and you’ll be able to retire comfortably at 65.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live my entire life preparing for age 65—I don’t have that kind of patience! Continue reading “Please, Don’t “Save” For Retirement!”

My Fundrise Experiment

If you’re wondering what Fundrise is, check out my in-depth review here. If you just want the short answer, it’s an online platform which allows you to invest in large commercial real estate properties. The minimum investment is only $1,000, so I decided to invest $1,000 in two of the three available offerings: the “West Coast” eREIT, and the “East Coast” eREIT. Together, these investments give me exposure to major markets on both coasts, and allow me to diversify my investment across several large debt and equity deals. Continue reading “My Fundrise Experiment”

Fundrise Review—Dabble in Commercial Real Estate

I recently started investing in commercial real estate through Fundrise and wanted to write a review of the platform. Diversifying investments
across domestic stocks, international stocks, and bonds helps ensure strong gains, and minimizes the effects of market volatility. But besides these “traditional” types of investments, real estate and other “alternative” investments provide additional diversification value and large potential returns. Continue reading “Fundrise Review—Dabble in Commercial Real Estate”