Outsmarting Yourself—The Trend Chasers

I wanted to write a few posts about some of the common biases or psychological tendencies that affect investors. As we continue to experience a strong bull market, and continue to see equity valuations rise, Continue reading “Outsmarting Yourself—The Trend Chasers”

My Yieldstreet Experiment

I created this post to track the performance of my investments with Yieldstreet. (Check out my full review of Yieldstreet here.) If you didn’t read my review, Yieldstreet allows investors to pool their resources to fund real estate loans and litigation financing advances. Continue reading “My Yieldstreet Experiment”

Yieldstreet Review–The Best Way To Diversify?

YieldstreetContinuing my little series on “alternative investments,” I wanted to review Yieldstreet, which is a relatively new alternative investment platform. Like many other new financial tech companies,
Yieldstreet provides a crowd-funding platform that allows investors to pool together resources to invest. 
Most of these companies (like Fundrise, which I reviewed here) are focused on real estate investments. Yieldstreet also offers crowd-funded real estate investments, but has a few other unique tricks up its sleeve as well. Continue reading “Yieldstreet Review–The Best Way To Diversify?”

How I Invest When The Market Is Headed For A Bad Year

Does anyone ever send you articles about how the economy/stock market/world is going to collapse in the next few months? You know, a quick email like: “Hey man, I just wanted to share the infinite wisdom of this op-ed article with you so you don’t lose all your money…” Continue reading “How I Invest When The Market Is Headed For A Bad Year”

Run Away From the Robo-Investors! (Maybe)

We’ve seen a plethora of “robo-investment” services crop up in the last few years. Betterment, Wealthfront, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, and others all provide portfolio management services for relatively low cost. Continue reading “Run Away From the Robo-Investors! (Maybe)”