Outsmarting Yourself—The Trend Chasers

What’s the deadliest investing mistake?  It’s the one you don’t know you’re making right now. As we continue to experience a strong bull market, and continue to see equity valuations rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure that investment decisions are not driven by emotion. Continue reading “Outsmarting Yourself—The Trend Chasers”

How I Invest When The Market Is Headed For A Bad Year

Does anyone ever send you articles about how the economy/stock market/world is going to collapse in the next few months? You know, a quick email like: “Hey man, I just wanted to share the infinite wisdom of this op-ed article with you so you don’t lose all your money…” Continue reading “How I Invest When The Market Is Headed For A Bad Year”

Run Away From the Robo-Investors! (Maybe)

We’ve seen a plethora of “robo-investment” services crop up in the last few years. Betterment, Wealthfront, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, and others all provide portfolio management services for relatively low cost. Continue reading “Run Away From the Robo-Investors! (Maybe)”

My $100 Lesson In Getting Rich Quickly

A few years ago, a friend told me about a tiny pharmaceutical company that I might be interested in investing in. It was started by a guy that my friend knew who evidently turned any business he touched “into gold.” Continue reading “My $100 Lesson In Getting Rich Quickly”